Q:  The dish I most enjoyed making tonight was the omelet with the eggs.

I enjoyed making it because it was fast and quick. It tasted really good and I added a variety of spices to add a kick to the dish! It was wonderful!

Q: What dish did you make tonight?

The dish I personally made tonight was the guacamole with the chips! This dish was one of my favorites because it was spicy and sweet and it tasted very natural and homemade. It made me think of food very differently because I learned that you can turn junk food into healthy snacks if you use the correct ingredients and have enough knowledge about it!

Q: Did you attend the Food Tasting Extravaganza?

I did attend the school food tasting day! I had a very good experience with the samples and how everything was tasted so fresh and just right. I was proud that FEEST could have such an opportunity to do something like that because it changes the way everyone thinks about school food dishes.

Q: How did it make you feel?

In my opinion, I totally hated school before! It now gives me hope that one day I can actually be HAPPY to get in the lunch line and try something healthy and we cooked. I can’t wait to see which dishes end up on the school menu next fall!