Our Strategy

At the center of what FEEST does, is always strategy. Below we have our Strategic Plan, as well as a glossary of terms for our community to use and reference when we are organizing for systemic change.
Image is of the 2017-2020 FEEST strategic plan
Strategic Plan 2017-2020:

Our overall priorities for the years 2017-2020 have been focused on school-based organizing campaigns to increase the holistic health of students, expanding FEEST into 1-2 more South King County high schools, refining dinners to inspire action in young people’s daily lives, and FEEST campaigns.

Our Glossary of Terms:

We’ve created this glossary to explain the terms we use in our organizing and share resources for those who want to learn more. This is a living document, and we expect that these terms will change and expand as our movements grow and evolve.

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