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Healthy Food Round Table Policy Memo 2:

Rooted in the feedback our committee received from students and teachers at Evergreen, we found that providing students with fresh, free, and delicious food is a key ingredient for student success. When school meals and snacks provided to students are free and fresh, students feel a sense of security, increasing their likelihood to participate, collaborate and be present in the classroom.

Healthy Food Round Table Survey Summary 12/17/2019:

The HFRT committee envisioned a free snack program in local schools that would break down some of the barriers we identified in our 2018 Survey. In the fall of 2019, the vision of the Healthy Food Round Table became a reality at Evergreen High School. Read our summary on the second part of the survey we hosted!

FEEST x OSE: SPS Snack Pilot Qualitative Data:

In December 2019, FEEST staff interviewed students about their experience with the snack box pilot program. Interviews explored the freshness, cultural relevance, and accessibility of the snack boxes, as well as whether or not the snack boxes influenced students’ ability to learn and the overall culture of the school. Read more about the Qualitative Data we collected!

Healthy Food Round Table Policy Memo 1:

The HFRT Committee gathered feedback from over 320 community members and found that young people are not eating school lunch. Read more on FEESTs Recommendations to change this in our 2019 Policy Memo.

Healthy Food Round Table Survey Summary 01/18/2019:

The Healthy Food Round Table survey was created by our committee to gather community feedback on how young people access healthy food options in White Center. Read our summary of the survey we hosted!

FEEST x OSE: SPS Snack Pilot Project Proposal:

Read our original proposal for our Healthy Snack Project, which was in collaboration with The OSE’s (Office of Sustainability and Environment) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). 

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