FEEST Board of Directors

Marissa Esteban


Marissa Esteban is the Recruiting Manger at PCC Community Markets where her focus is connecting with local communities and organizations to build diverse and dynamic teams across the co-op.  As an activist, she has spent her time empowering marginalized workers and building solidarity networks for workers rights abroad.  She is currently on the Employment Advisory Committee at FareStart. 

Marissa is passionate about food justice and is excited to be joining the FEEST family to bring young leaders of color to the forefront of this movement. 

Jo Day


Jo has been involved with FEEST as a donor and volunteer since 2017 and is excited for the opportunity to contribute as a board member. FEEST incorporates many of the ingredients that Jo loves – connecting with community, raising our collective voice for justice, and sharing amazing food! Jo has an undergrad in business from the University of Oregon and a background in organizational development, media production, and philanthropy. On the weekend, you’ll find Jo at home working in the vegetable garden or cooking something delicious in the kitchen.

Erin Blakeney

Board member

Erin grew up in rural Washington State and became passionate about health and school food as a young vegetarian receiving free/reduced school lunches that were consistently meat-focused or fried. Erin has been a fan of FEEST since 2015 when she attended the first Fresh Flavor Cocktail Party and has been a member of the board since 2017. 

These days, Erin is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Nursing where her research focuses on closing the gap between health care as it is and health care as it should be—particularly as it relates to improving communication within and between health professionals, patients, and families in hospitals. Erin’s work is informed by her interdisciplinary educational background which includes degrees in Politics and Environmental Studies (BA, Whitman College), Nursing (BSN, Johns Hopkins University), International Education (MA, New York University), and Nursing Science/Health Services Research (PhD, University of Washington). In her spare time, Erin enjoys finding or making good food, going on urban hikes, and dreaming about someday opening a neighborhood café.  

Mikel Davila

Board member

A native of the Bay Area, Mikel (procounced mee-kel) Davila is the son of first generation Filipinos that immigrated to California in 1984. Mikel moved to Washington in 2006 to study at Seattle University and before moving to Sacramento, CA in 2018, he advocated for disenfranchised and disinvested neighborhoods in Seattle. In Sacramento, Mikel worked in the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to promote the interdependent nature of California’s central valley and its coastal cities. Currently with the City of Sacramento, Mikel continues his passion of serving and investing in the small business community by leading a program to invest in local restaurants that provide meals for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mikel is a proud board member and vocal advocate of FEEST and the transformational change brought about by its youth.

Regina Dove


Although FEEST was on Regina’s radar for 6 years before she was invited by another board member to attend her first Fresh Flavor event, the moment she walked into the space and found community and delicious food, she knew she couldn’t walk away without getting more involved!

Her love for FEEST’s mission stems from a decade and a half of service as an educator and mentor across Seattle and South King County. Currently, she works as a Capacity Building Coach at RVC supporting grassroots, POC-led orgs in designing and reaching their goals. In her spare time, Regina can be found working on her doula certification, playing with her cats (Marceline & Momo), and eating lots of soul and/or filipino food with her family.

Desiree Gross

Board member

Desiree Gross is a local West Seattle-ite. She has attended University of Washington and has earned her B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Diversity. Now she is currently attending the UW once again to earn her Master’s degree in Museology. She’s really interested in how various cultural groups and communities from all over interact with space and experience in museums and museum-like institutions. She has worked alongside various Pacific Islander communities doing advocacy/policy work and educational outreach for P.I. groups here in Washington. 

Desiree has been a FEEST supporter ever since 2010 as a youth herself attending dinners. Her passions center around community building, service, and learning from others.

Ashley Miller

Board member

During the day, Ashley is evo’s GM of Giving Back and evoTrip, a position that combines some of the things she loves the most: building community, exposing people to new cultures, ideas and places, making a difference and eating really good food. She is thrilled to spend her free time with FEEST and to be a part of the youth-led change and leadership development opportunities FEEST provides.

Gerard Philpotts

Board member

A native Californian that now calls Seattle home, Gerard has a passion for community service that dates back to childhood.  A graduate of Seattle University’s Public Administration program and passionate supporter of the arts, he currently works in Human Resources at the Seattle Art Museum.  In addition to his work with FEEST, Gerard serves on City of Kent Arts Commission, and is a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserves.  In his free time you can find him running Greenlake, knitting scarves to donate, or cooking spicy vegan dishes.

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