Community Dinners

The dinner table is a powerful place of convergence for people of different backgrounds to come together in a common space, build trust, share food and discover new possibilities.

Community Dinners


FEEST dinners are a youth-led space where students gather around food, celebrate and share culture, learn important life skills, and build community with peers. Our work seeks to radically change our community’s relationship to food from one that is often fast and convenient to one that is transformative and healing.

We see the way that systemic racism has harmed our relationship to good food. Our traditional cultural foods are shamed as “weird” and “gross.” Our neighborhoods are bombarded with fast food, and fresh, affordable groceries are scarce. And with disproportionate health outcomes in communities of color, our zip codes are still a determining factor for how long we live.

The FEEST kitchen creates space for young people to reclaim their health, celebrate ancestral food traditions, and share radical joy. In addition to the practical skills youth learn in the kitchen, breaking bread together builds lasting community connections that become a foundation for long-term organizing.

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