This is my first time at FEEST and I didn’t know what it was, but when i arrived at Feest the members were really kind and nice. The environment was friendly and supportive.I have no experience of making food(which made me worry about the result of my dish), but the members of FEEST assisted me and also taught me what to do to make my food tasty/ taste good. While I was making my Fruit salad I had no idea what kind of shape I should cut the fruits, but they assisted me, after their help  I made a delicious fruit salad(it had mangoes,apples,bananas,tomatoes and, mint to add some kick to it).It also had a sauce with maple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice and, mint.  Which i would have never made without FEEST members and their support.I also like the traditions of FEEST, the traditions were really kind specially when people thank each other for their dish and i like the traditions where you have to clean up together which makes you meet other members and get to know them.I really liked the part when we put all of our dish on the tables and eating together.We also had different kind of food which made it better! The dishes were really good.I had A LOT of fun in my first day at FEEST!