FEEST. feest represent food empowerment education sustainability team.
    feest it a program where we make healthy food,first they put different food on the table after that each one of us comes up with an idea to make new food. Today my job was to make kale salad what i did first was to cut down the kale into pieces and i did the same thing with the garlic and the time i did it for a few mins until they where really small pieces. After that i put that kale in a bowl and mixed it with the garlic and the time.Then i started to massage the kale and put vinegar,Salt,Union and Oil. I kept doing it for a while, also i tried it to see if it was good or not. it tasted like union and vinegar it was really good just the taste of it made me feel like eating all of it. Everyone who hasn’t been to feest i recommend you to try it out your going to love it, we make new friends , we learn how to cook and at the same time were just having fun hearing music and hanging out with friends. try it out, it’s a BLAST.

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