I recently arrived at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center due to a field trip from my after school programs, and I had a great experience here. Youngstown Cultural Arts Center features many different sections of music, media, food, etc. The food here is prepared fresh, food also being organic, and food is also grown straight from the garden. Today we ate fresh garden salads, kimchee (spicy cabbage), nachos with fresh bean dip, and etc., which was very good. Youngstown Cultural Arts Center also has a garden, of course, with their feast now growing. Near the garden is also a chicken coo.
Today we did some activities with the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, such as paint, and make art. We got to see most of the YCAC’s campus as well. Overall, my experience today at YCAC was a good one (Why did it have to rain today T^T well at least most of it was indoors)! YCAC is a great place to express yourselves through media, arts, and many others.