Our Chief Sealth Media Intern, Mahala, got a chance to interview a former FEEST intern AND Current FEEST Board Member, Khatsini at yesterday’s dinner. Check it out:

Q: What could you do to help prevent child hunger?

A: I would make community farms more accessible. Food would be affordable and people would learn how to grow food in schools and create a community where people could come together and learn what foods are good for their body

Q: What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken? How does it connect to helping others? 

A: The first one that comes to mind is when I moved back home after college and I realized how I could be of service to others and I understood how I could be of service to others in my community.

Q: How often do you eat fast food and what is your reasoning for consuming fast food?

A: I hardly eat fast food ever, it doesn’t make me feel good so I try to avoid it, if i do consume fast food, I’m in a rush I’m not slowing down and it’s in my budget.

Q: Do you have a fresh produce market near your home? If so, how often do you go? 

A: I do, I live near the international district. It’s cheap and I go like once a week! It’s nice to support family businesses.

Q: What did you cook today?

A: I made Saint Patty’s Patties! It had eggs, carrots, potatoes, radishes, orange peppers, kale, corn and bok choy.

Q: What was your experience with FEEST today? 

A: It was amazing I love meeting new people, we put love and sweat into those saint pattys patties. AND I DANCED!!! And I LOVE to dance!!