Our media intern, Mahala got an interview with Keya, a sophomore at Chief Sealth High School about her FEEST experience.


First-time FEESTer Keya was on Team Fried Okra and Pumpkin Seeds!

Q: What did you expect when you came to FEEST?

A: At FEEST, I expected to come in and have fun and learn some new things about cooking with my freinds

Q: What dish did you make?  What were the ingredients in it? Have you ever made anything like this before?

A: My group made fried okra and baked pumpkin seeds.  This was my first time making these two dishes, which contain soy sauce, okra, pumpkin seeds, onion, corn and seasoning.

Q: Did you try anything new today?  Based on this experience, would you be open to trying something new again?

A: The whole idea of cooking was new because I usually don’t cook but I am more than welcome to come back and I also really want to, to learn something new again.

Q: Will you come back to FEEST dinner?  Why?

A: I will come back because I got learn and experience cooking.  Which is usually out of my box.