Q: Have any of the foods/dishes you ate tonight ever been eaten at your house?

FullSizeRender-4A: Yes!  I have eaten lots of the foods that I had at dinner at my house.  One of the of the dishes that I eat most frequently at home is the bannana smoothie.  The banna smoothie was my favorite because it tasted very good and I enjoyed helping to create it.

Q: What are your thoughts on the FEEST team changing the school food menu?

A: I feel happy that FEEST is having the opportunity to change the school food menu.  I am a Muslim and I am not able to eat pork or any other meat dish.  I believe that if we change the school food menu we will be able to provide Muslim students with more satisfying Halal vegetarian options.

Q: What is your least favorite food on the school menu currently?

A: My least favorite food on the school menu currently is the chicken sandwich.  I personally dislike the food because it is served everyday in the cafeteria.  I also don’t eat it because it is not Halal meat and it is not cooked properly.  I observed that it is mostly undercooked and has a pink color in it which makes it unhealthy!

Q: Did you experience a good time at FEEST tonight?  How has your experience with food changed tonight after coming to FEEST?

A: Yes! I had the best experience at FEEST tonight.  One of my favorite moments was getting to cook the fried rice and learning to cook other foods that were new to me.  I also learned the right way to cut properly and handle the knife safely.  I am looking forward to coming again and becoming more into FEEST!