We had a special guest at Evergreen Campus at last Wednesday’s dinner, Hannah from Tucson, Arizona.  FEEST media intern, Mariam interviewed her about her experience at dinner.

image1Q: What was your favorite part during tonight’s dinner?

A: I loved the way everyone was talking to each other and laughing.  There was a really good, fun vibe.  It was fun cooking and helping people with their dishes.  I enjoyed being here and cooking with everyone.

Q: What is one thing you will walk away with or remember from tonight’s dinner?

A: I will take away that you can create a lot of different dishes out of many different foods.  I will remember that everyone tonight was very nice and helpful to me.  I learned to make different dishes and use my hands to create them.

Q: What dish did you make or help make tonight?  What did it contain?

A: I created the potato latkes.  It had potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.  I really enjoyed making it because it was something I never created before in my life.  It is an Irish/Jewish dish.

Q: What is the best dish you ate tonight?

A: The best dish I ate tonight was the banana cake!  It was really good.  I enjoyed eating it.  It had bananas and cinnamon.  I really liked it and it was my first time trying it.