In celebrating Dia de los Muertos last week, we had a lot of new faces either excited to try new foods or stoked see familiar ones cooked up by fellow youth. We had nearly 4o youth at Chief Sealth and 30 at Evergreen!

Here is Media Intern Adara Thao , holding it down at Evergreen Campus! She interviews a first-time FEESTie Alex, 15.


What did you make? And what’s in it? 

Banana pudding I’m really proud of it. There’s banana, brown sugar, coconut flakes and plantains.

How did you hear of FEEST?

My friend from GSA actually told me about it.

What kind of food do you usually eat at home? 

A lot of food. We’re big meat eaters. My favorite dish that my mom makes is flank steak with red onion sauté on it, it’s so good.

Is this your first time cook by yourself? 

Yeah, I mean I was in a cooking club before but it wasn’t as fun as this. All they did was give you recipes and told you to try it.

Have you tried cultural foods before? 

I have, I’m actually half Mexican. On my dad’s side of the family they make enchiladas. The only thing I really make are tamales and after every thanksgiving we make tamales and save them till Christmas. Then we eat them on Christmas.

Banana Pudding!

Banana Pudding!