Question of the day:

What do you think monoculture is? What’s an example of monoculture?
I think monoculture is when is when one certain group is very vast, in a way one type of culture.
An example of monoculture can be a vary amount of people in a large quanity.
Monoculture mean many things but in agriculture: growing one single crop or one species over a wide area.
media: 6 media corporations own 90% of all the media in America
food: 10 food corporations own the vast majority of American food products
in other words monoculture can be the illusion of choice.
A week ago at FEEST we started signing up and writing down different types of food from our own culture to make here at FEEST. Today I was the first one to introduce my dish and make it with my peers at FEEST with help from Anissa T., Maleena T., and Tonahui S. I choice my family made dish Lasagna!
Here at FEEST we value diversity. My dish we first made, Lasagna, would be the first of many authentic dishes we create with each other. We are quite the opposite of the definitions for monoculture. We here at FEEST are of many-cultures!