Today was our weekly FEEST! Our youth led Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team hooked us up with a delicious healthy meal! This was a fun time to get together with the youngstown community and connect with my family outside of home! The meal was good, but I felt more support from the community. Alot of kids dont get to have dinner with a “family.” We shared some stories like our bad run ins with the cops, we sang disney songs (or at least I did), and we shared a bond that I think everyone here appreciates. A bond that connects young and old, giving a place of belonging to all at the dinner table. Be sure to join us next week, every wednesday at 5:30 pm. Come at 4 if you want to cook.

Peace and Love,

Mister Crister @ Evergreen High.

Photos provided by Alexander Meas and Madeleine Anderson.