New People, New Food, New Experience
Today was my first time coming to F.E.E.S.T. and I honestly wasn’t told to much about the program before I came. Pretty much what was said to me was, “Hey wanna come to my work? Its like a dinner thing and its super chill.” So why should I turn down free food??
After I got here I noticed a couple of familiar faces of people that I have seen around my old school. Then I was told more about the program and we began to set up the tables and then the food came in. Now before I was told that the food was going to be organic and something new. Then I saw the food and it wasn’t anything I have seen before. But hey I’m down to try something new. The food ended up being delicious.
Honestly it made me feel good to see a group of teenagers bonding together and having a bunch of fun with something that not a lot of teenagers know about. I’ll be sure to come back and invite a couple of friends along.

Potatoes and Feta