My first time at F.E.E.S.T.

So this is my first time to F.E.E.S.T., and I had a blast! But in particular, one thing stood out in my mind… everyone there.
When I started helping everyone cook, I noticed how tightly knit everyone was. It was kind of amazing, since I go to a school where people are very independent and competitive. It was almost magical to me how everyone was working together, and everyone was smiling and they were having a blast! I was kind of shy at first, but as their good mood started catching on, I felt more and more comfortable and made lots of new friends.
When I started cutting the potatoes, somebody called Eli was really nice and started helping me. After we were done cutting potatoes, more and more people kept coming in, and I made a LOT of friends today.
And the food- omigosh WOW! It smelled and tasted soooooooo good, it seemed like I was in a dream! I was so amazed how about 15 people- most had no cooking experience whatsoever- made about 10-12 dishes (the soup was GREAT!) by pure confidence and unity in about 1hr and 30min!
Another thing that was great was that I met Will Allen! You know, the guy that made the composting idea? No? Oh well. Unfortunately he had to leave early so I couldn’t really talk to him, but I already made tons of friends today and, well, it was a great day.
After dinner I played piano and it was really fun. And really, when you make about 20 friends, and you had a great dinner, and you had a great day, what could be better to a 12 year old than that? I mean, it would have been nice to know what F.E.E.S.T. meant but really, it was a good day. I wouldn’t have changed this day for anything!
Hey wait, just before I go, DOES anybody know what F.E.E.S.T. mean?