So today I received a text message from a friend telling me that FEEST was opened back up again and that I should drop by. Not doing anything really, I decided to swing by and see who was there and everything which wasn’t many people.

So we definitely had more food than we needed which was okay because it still gave us great ideas on what to cook and what to do. So we learned the difference between natural farm eggs and factory farm eggs. Than we soon had the opportunity to finally just cook whatever we felt like cooking for the evening.

When the food was served, it was a rather small community which I personally like because that way it made the table more warm and friendly. The food was bomb and it definitely was gone pretty fast despite the small crowd of people. There of course was great conversation around the table and when FEEST was over, plenty of people were willing to clean up afterwards.

I guess I was pretty happy to have left the house today for it. I was around some awesome people, learned something new to cook, was fed some pretty good food, and it was just great to be around a table of people which I feel most of us don’t experience on a daily basis. Yeah it was pretty good.