I would like to start off by saying that i’m quite new youngstown, and being that i’ve only gone twice, and knew just a couple people, i felt extraordinarily welcome, I couldn’t believe it! I just moved in with my dad from a place called kent. It wasn’t that bad, but even after living there for years, I never felt the same sense of community that I got from youngstown on just my second day.

I had originally went to see if I could join in some kind of music class, but much to my chagrin the semester was over, so no music class =(. However, unbeknownst to me I would soon be put to work in the kitchen, helping to make dinner! I have almost no experience cooking food, so I was a little hesitant being entrusted with the fate of many other peoples dinners. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded because the other cooks there were willing to teach me everything i needed to know. Preparing the dinner was a joy, we used fresh fruits and vegetables, and made dishes from around the world. We made everything on the table, from the dressing to the drinks.

After some very fun, not to mention extremely educational, time in the kitchen we were able to sit down with everyone else, and enjoy sharing and eating the literal fruits of our labor. Dinner it self was a wonderful experience. First everyone went around the table and said their names and something they were thankful for, then the cooks shared their thoughts behind the dishes they made, and finally the eating commenced! The food was delicious! I haven’t eaten that well in a while. With everyone eating around one big table having a great time, it really felt like I was part of a big family.

Over all, feest was an amazing experience, it really shows the benefits of community, and eating good healthy food. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome! I’ll be back next wednesday for sure =)