Happy Pride Y’all! ??

At FEEST, we’re proud that our community is made up of some amazing & unique ✨ individuals! That’s why want to spotlight the incredible CiCi! 

CiCi was born and raised in South Dakota, where their deep love of food, family, politics, and community led them to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.

CiCi is our raging extravert. We have nicknamed them finance father, grill dad, and sporty gay. CiCi is our beloved non-binary queer. Favorite things to talk about include board games, gardening, communication tactics and literally any Queer reality show.

image is of CiCi
What does liberation look like to you?

Liberation is individuals reclaiming our time, voices, and bodies. Liberation is the celebration of the uniqueness of each person. For me, liberation means communal living with my chosen family. We break free from scarcity mindsets and pool our resources together to care for each other. Our time, knowledge, and talents go so much further than the US Dollar.

Liberation is waking up in the morning and having the time to watch the morning dew evaporate while I drink mint tea from my garden.

CiCi’s Radical Joy Offerings: 

What brings me joy? Sitting around a table of people I love and they love me too. We are eating deliciously cooked, locally sourced food. Everyone around the table is laughing and sharing stories. There isn’t a phone in sight and no one is thinking about our to-do list. We aren’t just consuming nutrients, we are filling our souls.

CiCi’s Fave Quote: 

“Without community, there is no liberation”

– Audre Lorde

image is of We Are Each Others Harvest by Natalie Baszile

Inspired Reading: We Are Each Other’s Harvest: Celebrating African American Farmers, Land, and Legacy by Natalie Baszile

image is of CiCi, grilling rainbow colored kebabs!

Thank you, CiCi for all that you do for FEEST! We are lucky to have you as a part of our team and thankful for all of your disc golf knowledge, corny dad jokes ? , and amazing vibes