FEEST is a community dinner and fellowship program at Chief Sealth High School, Rainier Beach, Evergreen and Tyee Campuses. We want YOU to become part of the FEEST family! We’re offering an exciting opportunity that will be starting this school year. This is a paid fellowship where you will receive leadership training, develop facilitation & public speaking skills, learn about food justice and health issues, build community and work together to create a more equitable Seattle. This fellowship will pay $2400 by the end of the school year, dependent on fulfilling all fellowship requirements.

Some of your fellowship experiences and responsibilities will include:

  • A mandatory, fun, peer group Family Reunion in May. Exact dates TBD
  • Lead collaborative community school dinners and attend weekly group meetings
  • Amazing field trip opportunities and the chance to learn from local, POC guest chefs!
  • Co-design a strategy to bring more people to your dinners every other week!
  • Gain leadership and job skills, build your resume and college applications, laugh, sing, hang out, and make a positive change in your community.


  • BE CURRENT 9th, 10th, or 11th grader
  • SUBMIT an Application by May 15

All applicants will be contacted and informed by phone by May 21 if you will receive an interview based on your application and engagement with FEEST.

Please email us if you have any questions at milo@feestseattle.org!