A “FEEST” Unlike Any Other Feast

At Youngstown there are many opportunities to open your eyes to new things, and though I just live down the street I’ve never thought of going inside the building of brick, that looked more like a museum from outside. The wonders I was truley missing out, I came to visit my friend in YMI; a youth summer work program and didnt realize what i was in store for. It wasnt my first time roaming the hallways but it was the first to interact with everyone. The people were so nice, and had a strong, positive attitude making me question my assumptions. Around five-ish, everyones gathering tables and foods outside, then people come smilling, skipping, telling everyone down the halls that it was “FEEST TIME!!!”. “FEEST”, my first time ever going, was amazing, the food is healthy and tastey, and no worries it wasnt the kind of “health food” that looked like something that we’d never eat. Its also great how everyone comes together, setting aside there differences and problems, to come as one and sit at the table as one. Comming from a busy family this was unlike most meals I have with my family, it made me feel as if i had a family and people who cared. We gave our thanks, and had a moment to say our last goodbyes to fellow staff members who were leaving; letting them we care and we’ll miss them, even if we didnt know them but five minutes. We passed the food around, ate, conversated, and laughed, all leading to the end to where we all worked together as “one” to clean and get everything finished. No one did one job more than the other, we found ways for everyone to help out. Also, keep in mind that “FEEST” isnt only a thing made by adults because personally i like how teens can step in and do/ say something. So, this was a thing made with the  helps of teens, so that everyone could enjoy it.  At first I wasnt quite sure what I had gotten myself into but i think it was worth while, and i doubt i’d let this be the last FEEST I attend.