Today has been an eventful day. It was my first day on the job as I joined the Youngstown community. I spent my first day cleaning the chicken coop which I would have to say was pretty cool. My partner in the internship and I managed to stay pretty clean. After we were done we got to enjoy the delicious feast maid by our FEEST participants. Like always there was a salad and dressing and some squash dish. Today people got creative. This has been the biggest FEEST EVER!!!! At least that I know of…There were a lot of new faces as well as old faces. Some of the dishes consisted of squash with butter and salt. Others were fruit salads, quinoa, and yams. It was delicious!

FEEST is about people joining a community and coming together and being able to share something really great…FOOD!!!! I think that I can say for everyone that it is such a pleasure to be here and be accepted by everyone. I also think that I can say no doubt about it “WE LOVE FEEST!!!!”

*Sorry about the name confusion, Risa forever!!!!