Today was one of the most delicious FEESTs I’ve ever been to!! There was a perfect balance of vinegary-tanginess (rice noodles + sauce, olive/fruity salad + dressing) and sweet buttery (mashed squash) flavor combination that was to die for. There was also a kale stir-fry, fruit salad mix tossed inside halved hollowed watermelons, and fresh pressed juice. Can we say YUM?!?!

But FEEST is not just about eating and cooking and growing the food but the total food EXPERIENCE – the people, relationships, skills, and knowledge you build throughout the process! Tonight was a perfect example of how the FEEST program affects people on a greater level. Our discussion question of the evening was: “What is important to you and your family?” In addition to going around and saying one thing we’re thankful for (a FEEST tradition), we went around and answered this question. Answers ranged from honesty and self-realization to adventure river trips. Allowing each person to share this bit of personal information that was significant to them and their family aided in this FEEST community to having a better understanding of where each person was coming from and the traditions and values they were bringing into the space.

Another example of the affect FEEST has on peoples lives was an announcement that one of the youth, Candace made at the dinner table. Candace was a FEEST regular in the kitchen for several months under the guidance of mentor and lead chef Roberto. She announced tonight that she had been accepted to Le Cordon Bleu and was starting school on Monday!!! Congratulations Candy… we are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!