so I’ve been coming to feest for about 3 months now….my experience here has been very awesome. I look forward to coming to feest every Wednesday. Feest is a place where i can feel welcomed by people i barely’s a place where food makes friends. If you’ve never been to feest then you NEED to try it. it’s an opportunity of a life time.Being in Youngstown is like being at home. you make friends and you get to become really close to people. it’s like having your own little 2nd family outside of home. Feest is where you can relax and talk to people about what’s bothering you…it’s also a place to just let you imagination run wild and get free.but like i said if you’ve never been to feest than you should try it sometime….and it’s absolutely positively FREE!!! thanx for taking the time to read this…Have a nice day and God bless!! <3