Recently, a group called Sprout made a large in-kind donation to support our FEEST dinner program. They gave us tons of silverware, huge stainless steel mixing bowls, about a dozen pitchers, hundreds of cups and some great, huge bins for storing and transporting FEEST supplies!

Sprout started a few years back with a mission similar to ours. They wished to bring food and art together to make our world a better place. Something FEEST also strives to do everyday. As a sister organization, its too bad Sprout is closing up shop, but we are very thankful for all the new items that will stock our kitchens and help our students continue to cook up delicious, healthy meals!

photo 2

Here’s Sarah (R) from Sprout and our fearless new Kitchen Programs Coordinator, Elizabeth (L).

What an ally we have in the great folks at Sprout!!! Thank you!