Normally adults are invited to join potluck FEEST on the last Wednesday of the month – but I had a special invitation to be here today, and I am so grateful.

I am always grateful for FEEST. FEEST is a touchstone right now.
I love the diligence. I love the young people are creating a space for community. I love how everyone is different, tapped in, motivated, and looking for the chance to serve. I love how the rigor of the process makes for growing and accountability. I love that I can be new each time, and that young people make me feel comfortable. I love the conversations. I love the act of social justice and care at the heart of it.

Today, I came to FEEST and heard it before I saw it. At the table, we created rhythms with our spoons, plates and cups. We laughed. In the kitchen, young people were serious about finishing their dishes and getting it out to the table. One person ran up and down the hall to invite different people in. I like how simple it is. I like meeting new people. I like seeing old friends. I like that the community is extremely diverse, in age, background, energy and skills. I like just checking in with people who have come just to be, and to care! sounds simple, but it feels pretty radical. I felt thankful the whole meal through.

Adults are invited to the FEEST potluck the last Wednesday of the month!