The image is of a white background with yellow dots. On top of the image is a pink envelope with a white card inside that reads “Can you help us reach 100 donors before 2022?

Because of YOU, FEEST has been able to build towards a better future, where youth can have access to nutritious foods during the school day, mental health support, and learn how to become strategic organizers for change in their schools and communities. Thanks to your support, youth leaders have been able to meet and collaborate with decision-makers to share their voices and work together towards systems change. 

Can you help FEEST by donating today? We love and appreciate gifts of any size! 
We have a goal of reaching 100 donors before 2022. The money from our dedicated supporters contributes to: 

  • Our expansion into Franklin High School, with Franklin students joining their peers at Chief Sealth, Evergreen, Rainier Beach, and Tyee to organize for real youth-led change in our school systems. 
  • Running youth-led campaigns to make our schools vibrant learning centers that support the long-term growth and holistic wellness of students and our communities. 
  • Youth at FEEST growing in their power, confidence, and leadership as they develop the skills needed to become life-long organizers!

Together, we are building power to create real change in our communities while infusing radical joy into our work toward liberation. If you would like to sign up to continuously support us, instead of making a one-time donation, consider joining FEEST’s Big Table monthly donor program and support youth leaders today and every day! 

Our movement for justice in schools is fueled by community members like you who believe in the power of young people. 

Thank you!