Partnering with King County Public Health, FEEST youth leaders are developing a counter- marketing campaign that questions the systems that limit access to healthy living. Our approach is three-tiered, addressing food access on systemic, community, and individual levels. Campaign development included attending the Allied Media Conference in Detroit to learn about alternative media, engaging in an intensive leadership development summer camp and meeting every Monday after-school to make key decisions around campaign messaging, imaging, and distribution. Our youth interns have been working tirelessly to create a multi-media campaign that is youth-centered, culturally relevant, real, and fun!

Check out our three tag lines below and look for them showing up on buses, t-shirts and murals in the White Center and Delridge Neighborhoods starting this Summer!!

Let’s just be honest, can we #eatreal?


This tagline was inspired by a popular hip-hop song of 2015, created with the goal of being honest, real, but not scary. Too often health food advertisements attempt to shame or scare people into healthy eating. Let’s just be honest, can we #eatreal reveals the reality of food access in White Center and Delridge while staying relevant and true to youth culture.

This graphic was designed by Janelle Quibuyen and the character featured in this map was drawn by fellow FEEST intern Adara Thao.






Make your insides happy

FEEST_Make Your Insides Happy (updated)

When we eat nourishing and nutrient-rich foods, we are able to focus and be present, ready to learn and play. When we eat fast food or processed food, our body and mind struggles to find nutrients to stay awake and active. What we eat throughout the day directly impacts our energy, mood, and ability to connect. While oftentimes food choices are limited in our community, it is important to reflect on how the quality of food influences our quality of life.

This image went through the most rounds of drafts and feedback sessions. Each detail, from ethnicity to skin tone to even the kinds of clothing they’re wearing were carefully chosen and considered. We wanted to ensure that the youth featured represented the breadth of cultural backgrounds present in the White Center and Delridge communities and could connect to viewers meaningfully.

Design illustrated by Briaan L. Barron.


Make food, Make fam & Make food, Make your squad


At FEEST we believe that community is built around the dinner table. By taking over a high school home ec class, we break bread and create a community that slows down long enough to really see each other. Gathering over food gives us a powerful taste of what’s possible when we connect. Good health and wellness isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about how and who you eat with. Exchanging our culture and our flavors connects us one another in a deeper way. We believe that when we share food with one another we share a deeper part of our identity.

Designed by Janelle Quibuyen and inspired by Snapchat filters and text emojis.