Our Media Intern, Adara interview a FEEST newcomer, Yeandra about her experience with FEEST.

IMG_1913Q: What did you do at FEEST today?

A: I made fried rice, I stirred the eggs, and kept an eye on the rice, I also went to other teams and asked if they needed any help.
Q: Do you usually cook at home?
A: Yeah, cereal. No, but really, I make pastries like Brownies, cake, muffins.
Q: Was cooking here different from what you usually eat at home? 
A: Kinda. dessert is sweet…
My family makes pasta, sometimes I make it myself.
Q:Did you learn anything new at today?
A: I learned how to make fried rice- like we steamed the rice, cooked the eggs, and added seasoning to the rice and eggs, then we cooked green onions and mixed it all together.  Another part of my team made the curry.