Everybody was very nice and sociable at FEEST! It was a enjoyable environment, with jokes being passed around the kitchen, and music playing in the background, people being silly, and you felt safe, not just with the knives and all, but at the hospitality that everybody displayed toward each other. I really felt like I was a professional chef too; I had some control over what I was making, and we even got to pitch in our ideas of what we were gonna cook that night. 

And then we ate. The vegetables were surprisingly tasty! Everything was tasty! It was like a party my mouth, similar to the feeling of eating pop rocks. I didn’t know that healthy food could be so yummy, always imagined healthy foods of yucky egg salads and such.  Everything that we made seemed to have just the right combination of spices and different flavors. I’m not trying to be cocky about our cooking skills, though Roberto (the chef instructor guy) and Katt (his assistant) was amazing, but even the brussel sprouts were miraculously decent. The brussel sprouts! Ha! Who would have guessed?

All in all, I had an amazing time. If you’re still not excited about FEEST, GUESS WHAT? WE MADE ONION RINGS. WHAT NOW? I WIN. YOU LOSE. MWAHAHAHA. 

Yeah. Brussel sprouts. BRUSSEL SPROUTS. ha.