Position: Deputy Director

Reports to: Executive Director

Classification: 1.0 FTE (40 hours/week)

Deadline: February 19th, 2024

Ideal start date: April 1st, 2024

Salary: $100K – $115K (based on experience)

Location: Seattle, WA (hybrid)


Please submit cover letter, resume and three references to: 

Email: jobs@feestseattle.org
Subject: Deputy Director (FULL NAME)
No phone calls please.

FEEST is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People of color, queer, gay, lesbian and/or bisexual people, transgender, genderqueer and/or non-binary folks are encouraged to apply. Work is performed in a hybrid setting, partially from home and increasingly on-site at the office as well as in schools and community settings.  Some heavy lifting and physical labor is required during special events. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.

Primary Job Responsibilities

Authentically partner with staff, community partners and young people to execute their vision for healthy schools while integrating FEEST’s ongoing work to improve our collective health, shift power, and invest in solutions from those most impacted by systemic oppression. The Deputy Director (DD) fosters a culture of collaborative accountability and transparency across the organization and has a strong ability to cultivate radical joy, build an inclusive and vibrant community, and inspire action. The DD partners with the Executive Director on strategizing and implementing major decisions affecting the whole organization.  The Deputy Director oversees all day-to-day administration of the organization with the Development & Organizing Directors. The DD assumes primary responsibility for team management, envisioning how the team should grow, supporting professional development efforts, and identifying and planning for the needed resources and capacity. Ensure role clarity across all team members, tracking all team members’ Lead/Team roles and ensuring all team members are being held accountable to their individual work plans and goals. Set and maintain human resource (HR) practices that promote a productive workplace. 

Major Job Responsibilities:

Team Management
  • Directly supervise (2) FTE Director positions leading the program and administrative teams:. 
    • Supervise the Organizing Director to support the leadership and decision-making among community members; develop and lead grassroots, school-based community organizing campaigns; and build overall culture-shifting and movement-building strategy.
    • Supervise the Development and Operations Director to lead FEEST’s fundraising plan through grant management, donor prospecting, cultivation and stewardship, and directing grassroots fundraising events; and manage FEEST’s operations by leading on human resources, internal finance structures, and legal compliances. 
    • Support the Directors through coaching and professional development to strengthen their management and leadership skills.
Human Resources/Internal Organizational Development

 Internal Organizational Development Lead:

  • Track on internal organizational OD priorities and ensure work is moved forward on priority areas; Take lead on specific OD areas as needed 
  • Ensure healthy and joyful organizational culture is maintained
  • Act as memory keeper, ensuring learnings and policies are documented and accessible to future staff
  • Facilitate continued transformational work in terms of self-management, whole person, and strategic thinking, supporting all staff in engaging and learning regarding these topics

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Lead:

    • Ensure the organization is engaged in ongoing DEIJ learning and action
    • Act as point person with external DEIJ consultants
    • Ensure DEIJ tools/processes/commitments are actively used on an ongoing basis

    Conflict Resolution Lead:

    • Facilitate support to any staff experiencing conflict/issues that cannot be resolved directly via coaching and supporting them in engaging in healthy conflict resolution processes
    • Lead formal HR complaint resolution processes as needed
    • Conduct exit interviews and otherwise collect information from unhappy staff in order to improve organizational culture

    Organization-Wide Coordination Lead:

    • Ensure information is relayed cross-programmatically and that staff create systems and structures to collaborate effectively across the organization
    • Set all-staff meeting agendas and facilitate staff meetings/retreats in collaboration with other staff
    • Ensure all staff are making and using work plans

    Strategic Planning:

    • Support all staff in understanding organization’s purpose and strategic plan
    • Support the Executive Director with strategic direction-setting and strategic decision-making to ensure the work moves forward effectively
    • Hold staff accountable to organization’s purpose and strategic direction

    Coaching and Supervision Team:

    • Act as one of the primary supervisors supporting other staff in professional development and accountability
    • Envision how team should grow, supporting professional development efforts, and identify & plan for the needed resources and capacity, including hiring of staff and consultants 
    • Ensure role clarity across all team members, tracking all team members’ Lead/Team roles and ensuring all team members are being held accountable to their individual work plans and goals  
    • Ensure that the team has effective communication channels with other teams, and represent the team at cross programmatic meetings  

    Human Resources Lead:

    • Set and maintain HR policies and practices for the organization that promote a productive workplace
    • Manage any complex HR issues that arise 
    • Participate in HR team and coach/support HR staff in ensuring our HR policies and processes align with our values, budget, and legal limitations
    • Act as point with HR consultant and coordinate with them to get support on complex HR questions/policies 
    • Hire, orient, supervise, and train lead staff, especially program and director level staff; evaluate staff at least annually in the performance of their duties.  

     Wellness Team:

    • Remain attuned to staff morale and support efforts to improve staff wellness

    Executive Leadership:

    • Provide feedback and advice on major strategic decisions affecting the whole organization 
    • Tend to emergencies and major issues, helping problem-solve and strategizing on the most effective paths forward 
    • Coordinate across the organization, ensuring the work is aligned and information is communicated well
    Required Qualifications:
    • Unapologetically rooted in social justice, and equity, and committed to applying racial, gender, and economic justice lenses in both personal and workplace context
    • Commitment to building youth power, leadership, creativity, and joy
    • Lived experience or demonstrated professional skills working with racially and economically diverse individuals and communities, including working class, immigrant/refugees, communities of color, and LGBTQ+ populations
    • Ability to build strong interpersonal relationships
    • Strong critical thinking skills, creative problem solver, adaptable and flexible
    • Effective writing, attention to detail
    • Ability to take initiative and be assertive, strong time management skills
    • Integrates and offers feedback in a growth-oriented way; willingness to practice principled struggle
    • Sense of humor and playfulness
    Desired Qualifications:
    • Experience working with youth, in school systems, or in South Seattle/South King County
    • Experience working with youth-led groups or organizations and/or taking leadership from youth.
    • Training and/or experience in trauma-informed care
    Additional Information:
    • We provide full medical, dental and vision benefits, generous paid time off, temporary work-from-home stipends, and access to professional development each year.
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is currently a partially remote-work position. 
    • We follow COVID-19 guidelines provided by our school partners and funders in our current contracts, which require all staff to present documentation confirming they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a medical exemption.
    • Access to a vehicle is highly recommended. Our program sites are far-reaching across White Center, South Seattle, Rainier Beach and Sea-Tac and our office is not very accessible by transit.
    Our Mission:

    FEEST trains youth of color and working-class youth to build collective power and organize for transformative and systemic change in their schools.

    About FEEST:

    FEEST trains youth of color and working-class youth to build collective power and organize for transformative and systemic change in their schools. Our power comes from building a strong base, developing youth leaders, and running dynamic, radically joyful campaigns for systemic material change. Our work is both youth-led and multigenerational.

    Our roots started in food justice and through that, we have won systemic improvements in school food in Highline and Seattle Public Schools. Since the 2020 campaign to remove police from Seattle Public Schools, we have expanded our campaign goals to include a wide range of systemic solutions that improve student wellness at school.

    FEEST’s Vision for Society: 

    We envision a society where working-class youth and families of color are thriving in vibrant, politically powerful communities. We see this society built on values that include, but are not limited to:

    • Transformative racial, economic, and environmental justice
      • Eliminating oppression at its roots, prioritizing equity, and ensuring that everyone can live a healthy life on a sustainable planet
    • Interdependence and Collective Liberation
      • Recognizing that our struggles are linked and that we need to build trust with each other and work together to achieve liberation for all people
    • Self-determination
      • Those most impacted by injustice should be the primary decision makers on how to address it
    • Creativity and radical joy!
      • We embrace our natural impulses for happiness and creativity to connect with each other, build community, and energize our movements
    FEEST’s Vision for Schools:

    We envision a today where youth of color and working class youth exercise their power to change systems that serve them so that they can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. In our vision, schools are vibrant learning centers that reflect the students they serve and support the long-term growth and holistic wellness of students and our communities.