During the first few months of the pandemic in 2020, FEEST launched a free grocery delivery program to feed families in the Seattle and South King County communities. The program was highly successful, with over 800 deliveries made with the help of 200 volunteers. One year later, we want to take the time to recognize some of those volunteers and learn more about them and why they’re doing this work. This spotlight focuses on Randy W!

Randy is retired and in his “3rd act of life,” where he’s focused on connecting and supporting his community. He first heard about FEEST through his local “buy nothing” group. Randy is no stranger to volunteer work though, as he has been involved with the Sierra Club and the Bar Association helping fight for democracy and training youth in public speaking, respectively.

When asked why he volunteers, Randy reflected on several motivations. Growing up poor, he said he jumped at the chance to both put food on people’s tables and address inequity. He also feels drawn to a life of service, which helps him feel like he’s earned his rest and relaxation time. Finally, he sees particular value in helping the next generation because “a little bit of work has a huge impact if you affect the life of somebody.”

He also acknowledged that there is a certain satisfaction in making a difference simply by donating your time, stating “if you can get something done with nothing, it’s like you’re getting something free.”

He encourages everyone, especially those in their “3rd act of life,” to spend time providing service to their community. He promises that “you will not have a boring day.”

A huge thank-you to Randy and all of our amazing volunteers who helped us make the free grocery delivery program a success during a time of great uncertainty and fear.