today at FEEST we learned how to make spring rolls. we didnt have all the ingredients but we made it work. we used noodles, lettuce, basil, lemon juice and chicken. this was reallly good with the sauce our supervisor made. we also had chicken rice. where they added sauce and vegetables. we also had a soup made by one of our interns and they had to saute the veggies and then steam the vegetables. we also had smoothie without sugar.
today we were given a question what is more addictive? sugar or cocaine? major of people chose sugar because we were grown on this product and all of us have not tried cocaine so we didnt know how addictive it would be. later on one of leaders gave us the answer, sugar is more addictive because sugar is in everything. in the study done by UC California were rats were allowed to choose either sugar water or cocaine. 94% chose sugar water.

i always knew that there were different culture and food  but i never experienced that till today.