Hey FEEST fam!

Lookin’ for a new recipe?

Here’s fellow intern Luwam with the tale of “The Orange Muffin.”

The process of making the orange muffin. On February 2 at a FEEST dinner in Chief Sealth, one of the groups decided to make a basic muffin with a volunteer’s help. Although none of them had an experience on making a muffin, they still managed to make 18 tasty orange muffins. The group members said they didn’t expect to make a muffin but after one of them wanted to make one, everyone agreed to try and took the risk of making the worst dish of night or burning something…but with the help of google they managed to make finger licking good muffins.


The ingredients were:

1/2 can of coconut milk

2 cups of all-purpose flour

1 cup of sugar

1 orange

3 cups of water

And a mixture of orange skin and ginger

Heat the oven to 375*

And you will make amazing 18 small-sized muffins that will make your mouth water.

In the oven they go!

I asked one of the group members what made the muffins so good. She answered saying, “I think one of the best things about the orange muffin is the small cuts of orange inside it that makes it have the great taste of orange.” The orange taste gives it a different twist which makes it seem new and healthy. Overall, the group was complemented for they’re amazing dish and were shout at by many students for not making more of it. But the great thing is everyone got to enjoy their dinner and were lucky to get the taste of the great dish.

And that was the story of the orange muffin.