Fall_wallpaper2012On Thursday, November 20, at Nova High School, FEEST held a Thankslivin’ dinner.  We discussed some facts and myths about the Thanksgiving holiday and one of our amazing interns, Halimah wrote a poem for this occasion.

There will be no bloodshed
Don’t worry this will only taste like the clouds
Without the thunderstorm
There are no blades in my bread

I promise you
There is no promise of gunfire
All givers will be gratified

Today you will be generous enough to lie

Another November
Don’t worry there will be many more Novembers to come
So long as you find the dinner table in your heart
Beaming like the faces of the natives
So eager to share their love for community

Because nothing hurts more than losing communion
I know

But don’t worry there will be no more bloodshed

Tonight is the first we celebrate life