why , hello there strangers ! ha ha the names Stephanie i attend evergreen T.E.C all the way everyday wasreallygoodthough !? (: i first started hearing about young’s town through my Buddie Mandie over the program she teaches me and my peeps at evergreen on Mondays after school called ” Y WE RISE ” its basically a program for girls only were we learn about poetry and all sorts of fun energetic activities , but guys don’t hate on it . but lets stop talking about me and start getting into why im writing today , well this is like my 3rd or 4th time here at young’s town and so far its pretty fun and a good way of spending my free time and at the same time learning some pruuurtttty filthy stuff . especially today a guest speaker came and taught us about poetry and how to express ourselves over music and dance. at 5 usually is when we eat. overall its pretty chill here at Youngstown you can take it as a place to chill. so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that’s all i got to say for now DEUCES <3