My first Feest experience was completely spur of the moment and wonderfully unplanned. I was leaving school and waiting at the bus stop with my friend Chris, who at the time I didn’t know super well. We ended up talking and he mentioned that he was headed to Youngstown and asked if I’d ever heard of Feest. One of my neighbors helped develop Youngstown, so I’d been here before and heard of feest, but I never actually went to it. He invited me to go with him and since it was already on my way home, I accepted.
I walked in and could immediately smell the food cooking. The kitchen was busy and overwhelming at first so I found a job washing dishes and stuck with that until dinner time, but even that was super fun. Since no one ever likes doing dishes, everyone was super grateful and welcoming.
I’ve made a bunch of friends and it’s become a weekly ritual! I’m incredibly grateful for this space and the new community I entered into.