I did not know what feest was until my friend introduced to me to it. At first when he told me we would be staying to till about 7:30 every Thursday, I felt like not going anymore. But I decided to give it a try, and so I decided to go to one of the feest meetings. The first time I came to feest I had no idea what we would be doing. The people were very nice and they were approachable. If you needed help with anything, you can ask them for help. The very first things we did was introduce ourselves and decide what we would be making for the evening with what was given on the table. We also had to work in groups so this was a great opportunity to meet new people I have never met before. They were also very nice. What I love about feest is that it brings everyone together. From different ethnic groups to people that go to different schools. I feel like I created a stronger bond with people through communication and from working with different groups every time. I loved making different kinds of foods every week. It gave me oppurtunity to try new foods I have never tried before. And it also allowed to eat foods I have never liked before. Feest was a great oppurtunity to meet new people and build stronger bonds with people I was not close with before. it was a very fun experience to experiment with foods, as I have learned over the course of attending feest. I thanks the feest supporters for making this happen.