My experience with the free meal at southwest.!!!

I came to Southwest looking for opportunity’s of things to do and sure i enough i came across a large crowd of people that kindly interrogated me to join them in a ceremony of preparing these amazing meals. I stopped and glanced at the ecstatic face of a women named Mandy who wouldn’t stop asking me to join them in there tradition. I had to give in , there was no way out the next couple people walked down the hallway and flagged me down. I was trapped so i eventually gave in and encountered shell-shock at first because i didn’t know how to cook according to my cousin.. So i waltzed in the room not sure of myself waiting to see what helpless recipe i would turn into a nightmare. But to my surprise i looked around the room at the friendly faces of the cooks and i didn’t have fingers pointed at me and wasn’t being laughed at ..this was a good sign, i was half way into the group when i realized cooking isn’t a trip to hell and its really just a free class were nice people assist you in cooking one of the best meals you’ll ever have. So i double checked the food i was cooking to make sure it wasn’t up in flames. I took a minute and said to myself “so this is what its like to do something right for once.” i poured the different sauces herbs and spices into pans chopped up vegetables and prepared an exquisite meal. Everyone else was making there own dish as well along with the fantastic help of Roberto if it wasn’t for him I’m not sure how the meal would have ended up so all in all if your not at South West getting your free meal and learning how to cook it on the side by great people then i don’t know what your doing Jack-In-The-Crack can wait another day Wednesday is YOUR day to stop in and change the world. Well a part of it . small part of it i guess but still and take my word for it i didn’t want to do it at first i did it and there was nothing wrong demons didn’t drag me underground for spilling pepper everything was cool so if you like to eat or you like to learn then why aren’t you here Wednesday……….?