When I first arrived at FEEST I was kind of overwelmed by how many foods were out on the tables. After washing them we gathered around a table and discussed what we were going to make. From Afican dishes to Mexican and others we picked dishes to make and begone our work-cutting,cooking, dressing. It was the first time I worked on a dish I didn’t really know about; it was a very interesting experience. In my group we made cabbage wraps. We put in soy rizo and chicken adobo with lettice and wrapped in cabbage. Honestly I didn’t think it would taste good because well… there was cabbage in it. But as my group came near the end it acually was very eddable and looked, smelled and tasted amazing-it was kinda spicy too. When we were finished cooking we set our dishes out on the table with the other groups foods and the smell was amazing! Not to mention all different kinds of foods there. I had a lot of fun and I hope that others would come stop by at FEEST as well.