F.E.E.S.T. is an amazing program. It’s focus on youth and orientation on health and fitness is astounding. I first went there unexpectedly, after working on a song and thinking I’d leave youngstown immediately afterwards. I was wrong.

Some friends convinced me to stick around for dinner, so I did, and boy am I happy for that. I was introduced to new people, new outlooks on what goes into my body, as well as the origins of what did; new perspectives on how the food industry and FDA were operating, and new information about what was happening at Youngstown.

You’d be surprised how much you dont know about what you consume. A few people have made positive changes in diet as well as lifestyle thanks to F.E.E.S.T. Some have even gone so far as choosing veganism as an approach to eating. But for the rest of us who aren’t ready to take such dramtic steps or give up our unhealthy eating habits, well we don’t really mind the health conscious food (which tastes great by the way). Everything tastes better when eaten in the presence of family and good friends. I’ve been here just about every week since that fateful night in September, and plan to continue my attendance (and maybe even visit the new branch in High Point). It’ll be tasty either way