Are you interested in making real change in your schools? Are you inspired by youth movements across the world? Do you want to build a deeper community with your friends and classmates? Do you have a sibling or child who just entered high school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should apply to become a Student Organizer at FEEST! FEEST works with students from five high schools (Tyee, Evergreen, Rainier Beach, Chief Sealth, and Franklin) with the intention of building strong and thoughtful leaders in our community! 

FEEST welcomes new and returning students to our year-long organizing program every year. Check out the requirements below!

image is of FEEST student organizer hiring flyer


  • Must be on campus at least half-time (no full-time running start students.)
  • Must be a current Freshment-Junior at:
    • Evergreen HS
    • Tyee HS
    • Franklin HS
    • Rainier Beach HS
    • Chief Sealth International HS
  • Passionate about Social Change


    • A stipend of $50 a meeting
    • Monthly Food Stipend
    • Develop Leadership Skills Like:
    • Building Campaigns
    • Community Outreach
    • Event Planning
    • Public Speaking
    • and so much more!

    Apply Today! Priority Deadline: April 30th! 

    image is of a poster advertising FEESTs summer program, Summer Stories

    📣 Calling all young artists and organizers! Wanna get involved with FEEST but don’t wanna wait until our program starts again this fall? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

    Summer Stories is officially back this year with a fun refresh!

    Summer Stories is a summer-long arts and storytelling-based program focused on strengthening young people’s art, storytelling, writing, and organizing skills. Learn more by checking out the application below! We can’t wait to make art with you this summer 🥲


    Apply Today! Priority Deadline: April 30th

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    Youth are in the lead at FEEST because we know that change is not effective unless those most impacted by health inequities are the decision makers. Support youth leadership by donating today, OR sign up for our newsletter to get the latest from FEEST!

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