Today at FEEST my grandma came to make chicken Adobo. She got to experience FEEST’s magic for the very first time. She really enjoyed it! She said that it reminded of her of being in the Philippines and being in home ec class. She thought that it was awesome how the program is free for students and that it teaches students the fundamentals of cooking. FEEST makes people feel welcome; young and old; and builds a sense of community.
The flavors that we had today were pretty savory. The adobo had vinegar, ginger, and chicken in it. There was also spicy rice, savory baked fennel and squash, and stir fried vegetables. We kept FEEST health (as usual) and made a salad with home made apple dressing.. And to top it all off we had baked, sweet, butternut squash.
This week’s holiday FEEST was really fun and introduced some new cultures at dinner. I think that it’s awesome to create something totally new and different with the same staple food every week. It’s brings out people’s creativity!