This interview from Evergreen Campus is from one of FEEST’s remarkable interns, Mariam!

IMG_36841Q: What dish did I take part in creating tonight?

A: Tonight, I was on the Mushroom and Potatoes Team. This was a very simple dish. We cut up mushrooms, fried them in cooking oil, and added beets and potatoes to them while frying on the stove. This dish turned out tasting amazing! It was really good especially in the end when we decided to add some sweet potatoes to Make it sweeter!

Q: What did I have for lunch today?

A: Today for lunch, I had a Caesar Salad. Overall it was good, but the vegetables inside weren’t very appetizing!

Q:  How did the meals you ate tonight compare to your lunch at school?

A: Although both times I ate vegetables, there was a major difference in school salad and the fresh goods at FEEST I had eaten tonight. The school food was somewhat healthy, but not organic and didn’t have as many nutrients as the vegetables I ate tonight!

Q: What was your favorite dish tonight?

A: My favorite dish tonight has to be the fried rice and scrambled eggs! I really enjoyed this dish and found it appetizing because of the unique spices they had added to it which made it was a little spicy!