We interviewed, Maria, a sophomore at Chief Sealth High School about her experience at FEEST.

IMG_2095Q: What was your favorite part of dinner and why?

A: My favorite part of the dinner was cooking and meeting new people.  Also, tasting the wonderful food we made.

Q: Were there any fruits or veggies you haven’t seen before?  Did you try them?  What did you think?

A: Their was a a weird long purple veggie that I never ate or seen before and I tasted it for the first time and it was good.

Q: What dish did you help make at dinner today?  How was it different than what you had for lunch?

A: Our group made burritos and it was different because it’s something I’ve never made before and it was delicious.

Q: What dish on the table was your favorite?  Why?

A: Meatballs because they had a lot of flavor to them.