Make it Count
By Lena Guevara

When you’re in a hurry and only have a few dollars to spend, why is unhealthy food the first thing we turn to? There are ton’s of reasons like it’s quick and it tastes good. But the biggest reason is, it’s cheaper. Buying food that’s both good for you and in your budget is just not possible.

Well it’s not true. In our very own community there is a program called Delridge Neighborhood Development Association’s (DNDA’s) Family Gardening Program. This program was created by Phillippia Goldsmith after being inspired by her very own neighbors at Croft Place Town homes, and has now spread to the Delridge community. Taught now by Ariana Taylor it teaches the members of the affordable housing community’s how to have there food’s and be healthy too. As family gardening coordinator she teaches groups of residents how to grow their own foods in a community garden, and more importantly how to take back their health, and its for all ages.

Ariana has tons of gardening classes planned for the summer, classes that are a lot of work but also a lot of fun. “I love getting to know the amazing people who live in Delridge. I also love seeing people realize the power they have to make a change in the world around them, and hanging out in the sunshine eating plants with kids.” Ariana has a deep passion to help the residents of these affordable housing communities realize the power they have over their food.

DNDA’s Gardening Program’s purpose is to inform people of there options. The growing food in your back yard can both be good for you and save money. You can gain even more from gardening than that, you gain healthy food, exercise, quality time, and you can feel good about the food you’re eating without the worries of a budget and at the same time feeling a sense of accomplishment. In the Delridge community not only is there almost no fresh produce for sale, but the produce that is made available is not organic or is way expensive. Delridge could be referred to, and is by many, a “food desert”
Ariana’s work with DNDA is driven by passion. She using the power she has to give the restricted families of the Delridge community their power back. The power to make healthy food choices without putting there families finances at risk, the power to make a change in there own lives. This is both inspiring and empowering, so we should all be empowered by our opportunity to make a change.