My names Maireinz i’m a 15 year old sophomore. When i first walked into F.E.E.S.T i felt welcomed right away as i always do every time i come it’s amazing here. I came in a bit late as they where playing the “yes and” game where we made our own dishes sharing each of everyones idea to each dish we never deny anything. I was in the salad group and we huddled together and came up with a plan to cook the dish, we made step by step plans on who’s cutting what and what that person was cutting. My group was actually amazing i didn’t know many people very well but as i joined F.E.E.S.T i got along with everyone, i didn’t matter what group you were in school we where all like one big family. we cut and cooked while chatting along, as well as listening to music, we would all listen along to the music which is always a fun experience. A tradition we have here is that when someone says the time we repeat the time they say and say “thank you” at the end. Me and my group mates decided to call each other as chef’s just for fun which made us giggle a bit. I talk to all the people i meet out of F.E.E.S.T. once we finish cooking and the table is set we have three traditions before we actually start eating. FIrst, we introduce ourself and we say what were thankful for, we go around the table and each and everyone of us speaks. Second tradition is that each group represents their food and says what’s in it. thirdly we serve our neighbors before we serve our self. so before we actually serve the people next to us before we serve ourself. We speak our mind and tell wether the food we have tasted was good or not, most the comments are good. At the end before we leave the table we stand up and say “Thank you for the food” and everyone else says “Your welcome” because everyone did cook the food. F.E.E.S.T is a very welcoming community i enjoy going to it every week, the food we make can be extraordinary and we make some great multi cultural foods which is amazing. Anyone is always welcomed and i an always feeling welcomes in F.E.E.S.T.