This program is about coming to feast, meeting new people and eating healthy food.When you first come you will see fruits and vegetable on the table. Everyone gathers around. Then everyone picks one fruit or vegetable. After that we will say what could we make off of what you picked. I picked pares and i said “ we could add the pears to the nudles. After everyone say what they could make off of that. We will go and cook.

We started get in to groups. We help and perticipate in many ways. Our group was making noodules. We picked what we need for the nudules. We puted a pot with water. After it boiled we add the noodles. While the nudule was get cooked, we started to cut up salary, carrots, potatetos, brociln , soysaws, spices, salt, vinger, oil, garlic, and onions. When the noodles are ready we rinsed it. We started to cook the rest of the ingredients. To do that we had a fring pan. We add oil then the onions. At the end we mixed everything with the noodles.

Finally we sat together in a big table and we say how we made the dishes, every dished one person in there group talks about it. Also everyone says what they are thankful for. Then we start by serving for the person who sits next to you. We finally eat then when we are finished we say thank you for the food. Then since we all cooked and ate we clean together. Feast is a place where you meet new people cook new food we have never cooked before and you get service hours.