Lettuce Wraps!

Wanna try something new? Learn how to make these delicious Lentil Stew and Wraps.


Lemon Juice
Italian Spices( Oregano, Thyme and Basil)
Cayenne peppers
Soy Sauce
A head of Lettuce


First start a stock boiling with water and vegetables. You can use a carrot, celery and onion stock, but other types will work as well. After the stock has been boiling for a while add some lentils and stock in a pot and start them cooking. While the lentils are cooking add some onions and potatoes to a skillet and begin sauteing them. After they have been cooking for a while and the onions are browned and the the potatoes crisp, add the saute mixture to the lentil pot. While you are cooking the lentils, keep adding water slowly as they absorb it, but don’t drown them in it because we want the lentils to turn out semi dry and not thick and soupy. After the ingredients have been simmering for a while, add a few pinches of Oregano, thyme and basil. Then add a few squirts of lemon juice and soy sauce as well as a shake of Cayenne peppers. Also, a little salt and pepper can work wonders. These spices are what will give this dish a unique and delicious taste. Keep cooking the lentils down on a medium-low heat until most of the water has boiled away and you have a sort of thick pasty mixture. At this point the lentils are done. After that you can take the lettuce, after washing it, and peel off the big thick leaves. Add some of the lentil mixture to the leaves and wrap them up. There you have your lettuce Wraps.